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Products and Services

BBsys has developed a new range of QuarryVision signboards developed specifically for quarry and mining applications.

Featuring bright large scale digital displays, the signboards can either be integrated into existing SCADA control systems, or run from a stand-alone PC workstation.

Providing accurate loading location information, the signboards save time and increase safety levels as drivers do not have to leave their vehicle cabs. They can be used in all sizes and types of plant, but are particularly beneficial where a large number of lorry loading points exist on a site.

Visible up to 100 metres away, the signboards also ease traffic management problems and can display up to 4 lines of 12 characters, meaning that detailed information can be displayed clearly.

  • Designed, Manufactured, Installed & Configured by BBsys
  • Safer Traffic Management System
  • Keep drivers safe in their cabs
  • Reduce need for customers/drivers wandering around the site with slips of paper
  • Better than sometimes inaudible loudspeaker systems
  • Quick/Easy configurable messages from Operators station
  • Order is cross referenced to the Lorry's Registration number plate and messageboard directs vehicle to its correct load-out position
  • Messageboard has a minimum legibility spec of 100metres clear vision in bright sunlight
  • Number of available message characters
  • Install and system configure service

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